Back Up and Disaster Recovery

Back Up and Disaster Recovery

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DR solutions from Minnesota IT Partners are the industries best available. We utilize Veeam and Datto solutions to give our clients organizations a quick way to restore files/folders and a way to recover entire environments virtually or to new physical hardware in hours not weeks. If downtime is what you want to stay away from, let us put together a game plan to ensure you’re organization can operate around the clock.

• Continuous Data Protection – as often as every 15 minutes, hourly or once a day, we can backup your data onsite and offsite.
• Data Replication – Your server images can live in different regions of the US to protect against natural disasters and other threats.
• Agent and Agentless Backups – We have a solution to meet your virtual backup and physical backup requirements. These packages operate and integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure servers and critical workstations.


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